Red Lake Nation

The Red Lake Indian Reservation is located in north central Minnesota in portions of Clearwater and Beltrami Counties. The Red Lake Tribe has land holdings of 837,736 acres which is about the size of the State of Rhode Island.

You will notice as you drive around the shores of Red Lake that you do not see cabins or resorts. The shoreline has remained undisturbed and undeveloped.

Animal and Culture Connections

According to oral tradition, the Anishinabe, also known as Ojibwe, had a very special connection to maheengun – the wolf.

Original man walked across the North American continent long ago with maheengun by his side. After their journey together as brothers, they parted ways. The Anishinabe were always to regard the descendant of the wolf, animoosh (dog) as a friend. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue reminds the Anishinabe to keep their covenant with maheengun.

The health of a nation can be determined by how it cares for it’s animals.

Traditional Anishinabe respect all living things including animoosh.