The ABE! Fund

The ABE! Fund

The ABE! Fund honors the memory of a 10 year-old Clumber Spaniel who died in 2009 of stomach cancer.

ABE! was a true officer and a gentleman of the Clumber community. Nothing delighted ABE! more than lowering his massive soft head to prowl beneath bushes or bramble. Although he did not truly hunt as Clumbers were bred to do, ABE! was a great pretender.

At home, he was seldom without a squeaking stuffed toy in his mouth, and he moaned in delight when presented with a new one. His intense snoring was legendary. His posterior wiggled to form his body into a nearly U shape when greeting visitors at the door or strangers in the park.

From the tender age of two, ABE! became a champion fund-raiser. During the Christmas holidays, guests poured into his home with needed supplies and funds for different designated shelters each year. After learning about Red Lake Rosie’s toward the end of his life, ABE! and his friends raised $1000 to send to Rosie’s in Minnesota. This good work continues in his honor.

Since 2009, the fund has raised $41,000 providing much needed funds for veterinary care; s/n clinics; special construction projects; and straw for winter bedding.

We are very grateful to have this dedicated fund to support the health and well-being of the rescued animals.